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Asbestos Awareness Interactive


This e-learning module provides the essential requirements of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, it identifies Duty Holders’ responsibilities in addition to the practical application of managing asbestos in the workplace.


Any building or workplace built or refurbished before 2000 may have asbestos in it, if you own or manage a premise where people work the law requires an assessment of asbestos. Over twenty tradesmen die every week from an asbestos-related illness, it is important to ensure that you are not putting your employees or contractors at risk from potential exposure to asbestos. It is essential not only as the Duty Holder but also as an employee or contractor to understand the potential hazards associated with asbestos and attached levels of risk. This is why you need to consider our Asbestos Awareness Course.

This module provides a systematic approach with the identification of what your responsibilities are, and what is required to assist you to manage asbestos within your or customers premise.

The consequences of not providing suitable training can be disastrous in terms of human suffering, legal costs, and business interruption. This is why more and more businesses are using e-learning to easily communicate the essential knowledge required for the management of asbestos. We are the trusted e-learning provider to a wide range of companies and organisations from SMEs to national brands and UK government agencies who all love the ease of use of our online training courses. E-learning is fast to deploy and all learners can be tracked through our intuitive learning management system.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course you will have learned about:

  • Know what is required to demonstrate statutory compliance with the legislation
  • Have a basic knowledge of the different types and typical locations of asbestos
  • Understand employers & employees responsibilities, including the role of Duty Holders
  • Identify what is required to effectively identify and manage asbestos

Asbestos Awareness Course Content

  • Introduction
  • Identification
  • History
  • Use In The United Kingdom
  • Likely Locations
  • Asbestos In The Home
  • Health Risks From Asbestos
  • Routes Of Entry
  • Who Is At Risk Of Exposure
  • Legislation
  • The Duty
  • Asbestos Surveys
  • Assessing The Risks
  • Management Options
  • Licenced Work With Asebestos
  • Asbestos Waste
  • Emergency Arrangements
  • What Should Employees Do If Exposed?
  • Increased Risk
  • What Should Someone Do If Exposed?
  • Summary
  • Further Information
  • Multiple choice questions
Who should complete this course?

The course is designed for all employees with little or no knowledge of Asbestos awareness issues, so is ideal for induction and refresher training.

  • Prior Learning? – None required
  • Pre Course learning? – None required
  • Certification – All learners who successfully complete the module will be issued with a certificate of learning
  • Duration – Approximately 30 minutes